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The team

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Administrative & Financial


Associate Experts

Board of directors

Lyonbiopole’s Board of Directors is made up of 13 members and 4 permanent guests.


The missions of the board of directors

  • To define and decide the cluster’s strategic directions and general policy
  • To approve the budget and action plans
  • To appoint the Gtech members and accredit R&D projects selected by the group


Lyonbiopole’s GTECH (TECHnical Group) is a group of independent experts appointed by the Board of Directors, of which half represents industrial players the other half represents public laboratories involved in the work of Lyonbiopole.

Lyonbiopole’s associate experts can participate in the GTECH.

During committees organised throughout the year, GTECH examines applications for labelling projects that members would like to present to funding agencies and gives a reasoned opinion as well as recommendations to strengthen the quality of the application and improve its chances of success.