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Lyonbiopole supports its members’ development on all corporate issues. An annual agenda of around a hundred events and training courses is proposed, covering a maximum number of subjects. More specific measures and actions are deployed for enhanced support in strategy, fundraising, business development and market access.

Strategy & financing

Clearly defining a strategy is a central issue for innovative health companies which have particularly high financial requirements.

The individualised first-level support offered by Lyonbiopole enables companies that wish to do so to review their development and financing strategy. In parallel, Lyonbiopole proposes a range of actions to support members seeking financial partners.

Acceleration programme

This programme, which is in the “proof of concept” phase, allows the selected companies to benefit from personalised support so that they can pass through key stages of their development in a reduced time-frame (12 to 24 months).

The support team is made up of 10 coaches, all of whom are managers or former managers of Healthtech companies, including a dedicated coach for each company and members of the Lyonbiopole team. The programme involves different steps.

  • Building the strategic roadmap Objectives, milestones, resources to be put in place, etc.
  • Monthly updates and quarterly meetings to review progress with the entrepreneur These discussions enable the support team to make recommendations and help the company to achieve its objectives, by putting it in touch with relevant external contacts.
  • Financing of external interventions (service providers and consultants) With a grant from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region of €23,330 per company

Throughout the acceleration period, companies are also guided towards the Lyonbiopole support systems.

Business Development


As the leader of the ecosystem, Lyonbiopole is involved in bringing its members together with potential strategic partners through its local, national and international networks. To do so, Lyonbiopole organises:

  • Individual meetings to identify their needs
  • Networking events
  • Business clubs, promoting the exchange of good practices between peers
  • An international mission programme to facilitate access to major conferences

Open innovation programme

Lyonbiopole capitalises on its international network to exchange and build Open Innovation initiatives alongside major global contractors.

In response to the established specifications and by showcasing the pool of excellence for the start-ups, SMEs and laboratories that constitute its ecosystem, Lyonbiopole organises meetings between major groups and SMEs to encourage the emergence of strategic partnerships around innovative technologies, products and services that will meet the needs of patients in the future.

Regulations & market access

Developing a relevant regulatory strategy, anticipating any changes, targeting and prioritising the main strategic markets are all challenges that face companies in the health sector. Through various tools and devices, Lyonbiopole offers first level support to its members to best prepare for these processes. Our support includes:

  • Intellectual property
  • Market access
  • CE/Medtech marking
  • Clinical trials/Biotech