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Lyonbiopole can support and advise you at every step of the way to maximise your chance of success.

A “success fee” may apply from step 2 onwards. You can contact us for more information.

Raise awareness


Plan & prepare

Lyonbiopole carries out awareness-raising and information work to enable you plan and prepare yourself to respond to calls for proposals.


 2 to 4 months before submitting the project

Guide & structure

Lyonbiopole supports the evolution of your project in order to guide you towards the best financing opportunities and help structure your project in line with the call to which you wish to respond.


  3 to 8 weeks before submitting the project

Consolidate & Optimise

Lyonbiopole helps you formalise your innovation project, aiming to consolidate and optimise your application and maximise its chances of success.


 Throughout the duration of the project

Communicate & Disseminate

Lyonbiopole carries out promotional work to maximise the impact of your project by contributing to the communication and dissemination of its results and key steps.