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The economic dynamism and the number of jobs within the region allow the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region to address a number of challenges:

  • The increasing complexity of scientific disciplines,
  • The development of new fields of research,
  • Increased quality and regulatory requirements,
  • Technological developments, globalisation, increased competition, etc.

To meet these challenges, there is an increased need for skills and the structuring of emerging professions. Lyonbiopole is committed to these projects through four complementary actions.


This tool brings together job offers, a CV database, news and information available on the sector in order to facilitate interaction between companies, candidates and those involved in recruitment.

Studies & framework actions

Participation in prospective studies and framework actions to promote employment and training.

The resources resulting from these initiatives are real decision-making tools and are used across the ecosystem by companies, institutions, training organisations, students and applicants.


In order to facilitate the integration and feedback on industrial needs, Lyonbiopole acts as a intermediary for training organisations by:

  • Advertising their students’ internship and work experience sessions,
  • Proposing technological or market studies by students,
  • Participating in the search for professionals to join development committees and juries,
  • Helping to find professional lecturers for courses.


Lyonbiopole provides information on support systems and monitors the regional, national and European assistance available to companies and candidates.