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Our work

The Innovation Team helps you formalise your innovation project, aiming to consolidate and optimise your application and maximise its chances of success.

This step takes place 3 to 8 weeks before submitting the project. The modalities and timetable for support or labelling are specific to each type of call for projects. This information is specified on the description page of each call for projects.


A critical review of your application by the Lyonbiopole team, recommendations on improving it and help with writing of a letter of support. Possibility of organising “mock” presentations before any interviews with funders.


If your project is accredited by one or more competitiveness clusters, this is a mark of its quality. The label is seen favourably by the funding bodies. The accrediting process also helps us to support you in consolidating your project and optimising its chances of success.


The evaluation is carried out by the members of Lyonbiopole’s GTECH, based on a letter of intent followed by an interview. It may involve external experts to provide knowledge in specific areas.


The label is awarded according to the following criteria:

  • Consistency with the Lyonbiopole themes
  • Geographical location of partners in the cluster’s R&D area
  • Innovative character and added value in relation to the latest developments and potential medical benefit
  • Quality of the project engineering
  • Development of the project
  • Target market relevance / competitive positioning
  • Quality and complementarity of the partnership, capacity to lead the project
  • Economic impact of the project (spin-offs in terms of jobs, turnover, etc.)

GTECH members are bound by a confidentiality clause. You may recuse members of the GTECH with whom a conflict of interest is identified.

Depending on the themes addressed and the location of the consortium members, applications for co-accrediting may be made with the partner competitiveness clusters.

After the interview, you will receive a summary of the GTECH’s opinions and recommendations, as well as a letter of approval, subject to a favourable opinion.

In Europe

The Europe Office conducts a critical and thorough review of your application and a debriefing meeting with recommendations (and, on request, a letter of support).


More specifically for EIC Accelerator projects, Lyonbiopole is part of the Review Committee organised before each submission and upon request by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Agency, which, in addition to Lyonbiopole’s Europe Office, includes someone from the Europe Office of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises and the PCN EIC Accelerator, to help you finalise your detailed proposal.


After the application is reviewed by the Committee members, a one-hour session takes place with an oral presentation training and questions / answers on the application.