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Creation : 15, february 2024

Nombre de collaborateurs : N.A.

Chiffre d’affaires : N.A.

Place : Lyon 69006

Activity : MedTech



Who ?


EUNOVIS is a company focused on improving health of isolated populations in tropical areas, in partnership with local players of the health systems and under cover of international organizations. It is currently engaged in the clinical development of an emergency treatment against malaria in order to significantly reduce early mortality, estimated at 600,000 people per year. EUNOVIS innovates by using the intranasal route, which is simple to implement and immediately effective, to administer an antimalarial drug.  We wish to transpose this strategy to other severe and frequent diseases, always mobilizing our values for a social entrepreneurship.



Why joined us ?


EUNOVIS is a young company, whose mission is to design simple and effective treatments for populations suffering from serious and frequent illnesses. From the outset, we wanted to join Lyonbiopôle and its local, national and international ecosystem to benefit from a source of knowledge and skills. Privileged access to important players in our field of activity, business owner, scientists, researchers, investors, strengthens our chances of success. It is for us a source of stimulation, learning and progress on our medical-entrepreneurship route, which, from Lyon, focuses on the tropics and the African continent. The experience of Lyonbiopôle members will be essential for us to integrate all the human and entrepreneurial issues of an activity oriented towards the South.


Being a member of Lyonbiopôle is also a mark of trust from our professional community. Innovation and entrepreneurship are above all collective human experiences and we will be proud, one day, to be able to make a contribution to Lyonbiopole.





Stephane Picot, CEO 


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