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Creation : September 2022

Employees : 5

Place : Moirans (38)

Activity (biotech/medtech/healthtech) : Medtech





Who ?


ADMIR designs, develops and manufactures an active infrared spectroscopic imaging device and develops AI image processing software. Our system provides a complete mapping of the biochemical bonds contained in the sample. The system is able to map modifications of bonds induced by chemical reactions due to cellular activities. In particular, we address the field of oncology through anatomic pathology.


Our credo is to accelerate by 10 to 100 the speed of biopsy slide analysis.


The instrument uses light as a probe, non-contact and non-destructive, and does not require any staining, markers or chemical reagents. Doing so, the diagnosis time is drastically reduced by more than a factor of 10 compared to standard methods, which allows ADMIR to accelerate and simplify the medical process while minimizing operational costs.




Why did you join Lyonbiopole ?


This approach seemed natural in view of the services offered to companies. Its monitoring, communication and consulting activities for startups in the health sector are invaluable aids. Lyonbiopôle will provide ADMIR with an ecosystem conducive to exchanges and the continuous improvement of its approach.






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