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Paris and Lyon, June 9th, 2022 – ORPHELIA Pharma and Gustave Roussy jointly announce today the publication in the scientific journal Pharmaceuticals of the work related to the development of the first temozolomide oral suspension for the treatment of young children and adults with cancer and presenting difficulties to swallow temozolomide capsules (Annereau M. et al., Pharmaceuticals, 2022).



“Since 2015, we have been manufacturing a liquid temozolomide hospital compounded formulation to address the needs of young patients treated in our hospital and a few partner centers,” explains Maxime Annereau, pharmacist at Gustave Roussy and the originator of this project. “In collaboration with ORPHELIA Pharma, we carried out the necessary research work to optimize the physico-chemical properties and the stability of the suspension.  Then we conducted a palatability study in order to select the aroma capable of covering the bitterness of temozolomide in the most efficient way. The development of this concentrated suspension has made it possible to obtain a form adapted to the needs of patients and caregivers”, he adds.


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