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Creation : 2011

Employees : 8

Adress : Grenoble – La Tronche

Activity (biotech/medtech/healthtech) : Biotech



Who ?


Synthelis is a French biotechnology company offering products and services for the production, purification, and characterization of any type of proteins. 


Using our proprietary cell-free system, we can formulate proteins in proteoliposomes, nanodiscs, solubilized by detergents or in their soluble form, depending of their nature. Our technology is notably well suited to the expression of membrane proteins known to be difficult to express in a functional form (e.g. ion channels, GPCRs, transporters, etc.), for applications such as the screening of drug candidate libraries, vaccine and antibody development, protein vectorization, in vitro diagnostics and structural biology. We also offer our system in the form of kits that can be adapted to your needs and your proteins, if you wish to produce yourself your proteins in a cell-free system.



Why joined Lyonbiopole ?


Our primary reason for joining Lyonbiopole is to gain access to a dynamic, collaborative ecosystem that is conducive to innovation and growth. Through the meetings organized by Lyonbiopole, our membership gives us many opportunities to exchange ideas with other players in the pharmaceutical industry, researchers, academic institutions, and potential partners, to encourage collaborations, partnerships, and exchanges of ideas. 


In addition, Lyonbiopole member companies benefit from personalized support and the expertise of the cluster’s teams. This means we can receive strategic, technical, and regulatory advices to help us move our projects forward and overcome any obstacles we encounter. 

Finally, being a partner of Lyonbiopole gives us greater visibility within the scientific and industrial community and among investors. This can facilitate access to new markets, attract media attention, and raise our profile. 




Bruno Tillier, Directeur des opérations et Cofondateur. 



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