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Creation : Mai 2017

Employees : 19

Location : Saint-Etienne

Activity : Medtech




Who ?


PrediSurge develops predictive software solutions for cardiovascular interventions that allow physicians and MedTech companies to improve procedures planning and medical devices designs.


Based on pre-operative imaging, their technology enables the creation of patient-specific digital twins: numerical models simulating arteries and valves biomechanical behavior.


Thanks to interventions simulation, theses digital twins are used to analyze the interactions between organs and medical devices to predict their respective behaviors. This solution allows physicians to optimize intervention strategy, by choosing a graft adapted to each patient and anticipating potential operative complications.


In an industrial context, PrediSurge goal is to boost innovative product development in MedTech by providing a cost-effective and early de-risking solution to test several designs of medical device at every stage of the development process.


Thanks to the commitment of its 19 employees, clinical and institutional partners, the company has been able to perform more than 400 simulations for patients in more than 70 clinical centers in France and across Europe.



Why did you join Lyonbiopole ?


“A startup is like a plant and cannot grow without a supportive and solid environment. Lyonbiopole through its different actions, offers the right regional ecosystem helping a startup like PrediSurge to find funds, create network and partnership and to put in place collaborative projects.”




Bruno Virieux, CEO

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