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Creation : 01 décembre 2022

Employees : 6

Location : Grenoble

Activity (biotech/medtech/healthtech) : Biotech





Who ?


HuntX Pharma develops drugs to prevent the onset and development of genetic neurological diseases. We are interested in a group of about fifty diseases that all share the same cause, a genetic mutation, and the same target, axonal transport that allows neurons (brain cells) to exchange information and nutrients essential to its functioning and survival. We have identified an enzymatic reaction that modulates this transport. By inhibiting this enzymatic reaction with our drug candidate HX127, we are able, in animal models of Huntington’s disease (HD) our first indication, to restore axonal transport and the “healthy” phenotype of HD animals. Our ambition is to develop this first drug up to the proof of efficacy in patients and then enter into a sublicense agreement with a pharmaceutical industry. In parallel, we are developing our strategy for other diseases in this group.




Why ?


The competitiveness clusters are major players in the biotech industrial fabric. They allow us to integrate and participate in the regional ecosystem, to create a network useful for the development of companies and to provide important support to business leaders. I would like to be part of this ecosystem and be a member of Lyonbiopole to build our relationship which I hope will be mutually beneficial.




Laure Jamot, PhD

President – HuntX Pharma

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