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Creation : 21/06/2022

Employees : 10

Location : Guilherand-Granges (07) et Lyon

Activity : Medtech




Who ?


Healabs designs and develops Digital Therapeutic solutions to support and facilitate daily activities of healthcare professionals. We offer customizable solutions which optimize the therapeutic follow-ups, strengthen medical coordination around the patient and bring a real added value to laboratory products such as medical devices.  Healabs Benefits from more than 10 years of experience, through the acquisisition of TMM Software’s activities and team of experts in medical telemonitoring market. We market apTeleCare, a remote monitoring platform which is a reference in optimizing care pathways for various therapeutic areas. Our solutions are interoperable with a wide range of technologies (business software, medical devices, connected objets) adapting to the needs of each actors.



Why did you join Lyonbiopole?


“We want to join the Lyonbiopole community to actively contribute to discussions, share our experience as an industrialist in the sector and benefit from the expertise of members of the ecosystem. We expect Lyonbiopole to put us in contact with partners and projects which will help to accelerate the development of our technologies.”



Stéphane Perrin, CEO

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