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Creation date : March 27th, 2023

Number of employees : 6 co-founders dont 2 operationals

Location : Grenoble

Field of activity: (biotech/medtech/healthtech) : Biotech





Who are they?


AIS Biotech (with AIS for Anti Infective Sugar) is a French Biotech company based in the Alps incorporated in March 2023 with the objective of developing a new class of anti-infective biotherapeutics.


AIS Biotech is  dedicated to the development of Innovative sugar-based biotherapeutics to combat (re)emerging infectious diseases.

Thanks to a Bioengineering platform based on the expertise of a leading edge academic laboratory (CERMAV, CNRS, Grenoble FRANCE), AIS Biotech aims to develop a pipeline of innovative sugar-based anti-infective biopharmaceuticals.


By mimicking the natural host surface oligosaccharide binding-sites of pathogens, our compounds can prevent or treat infections. GlycoFlu, our first drug-candidate is developed to prevent or treat infection by human Influenza viruses, a global public health concern with a large socio-economic impact.



Why joining Lyonbiopôle ?


We wish to join the pole in order to benefit from the training offered, the support for private fundings acces and public grants. We also want to take advantage of the networking with strategic partners, both local and international level.


Aurélie Juhem, CEO

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