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Patrice Caillat - Head of the health line at CEA Leti

Graduated from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon option materials in 1985 He entered CEA in 1987.


In 1997, he was in charge of the development of DNA chips by electrochemical grafting taken over by Apibio then Biomerieux.


In 2004, when the Department of MicroTechnologies for Biology and Health (DTBS) was created, Patrice CAILLAT was appointed Head of the LCIV Laboratory (Integrated Components for the Living.


In 2010, in the dynamic of creation and launch of CLINATEC, he was entrusted with the coordination mission between CLINATEC and the DTBS. He also contributes as an expert to the ANR, the Itmo santé or even to BIOASTER.


Following on from this action to set up and develop a clinical ecosystem for the development of the health business, Patrice CAILLAT has been appointed Strategic Marketing Manager for Medical devices at the LETI Institute. 


Since 2018, he has been pursuing this action as Head of the health and health line and more particularly of cross-departmental coordination between departments. He is also heavily involved in the wecare (hypertension) and Organ on chips program.