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This day will take place in the the ISARA amphitheater on the Agrapole site (23 Rue Jean Baldassini, 69007 Lyon).


Registrations (free but mandatory) especially for the lunch are possible via the following link


Pre-programme of the day:


8:30 am: Welcome
9:00-9.20 am: Opening and presentation of the Equipex+ by the project leaders
9:20-10:20 am: Scientific presentation (spatial transcriptomic) by Denis Shapiro (Heidelberg University Hospital)
Break 15′.
10:35-12:05 am: Presentations of local actors involved in Spatial Cell ID

Lunch break 

1:30-4:50 pm: Presentation and exchanges around the 3 technological clusters (Spatial Single-cell RNAseq, MERFISH and Slideseq, 1h each)
Break 10′.
5:00-6:00 pm: Closing scientific presentation by Igor Adameyko (Medical University of Vienna)
6:00-6:20 pm: Closing session