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·                 Tuesday, October 8th 2024 – from 9am to 5pm – Institut Curie


Advancements in oncology research are increasingly driven by innovative tools that transition discoveries from basic research labs through drug discovery to translational applications. Among these, bioluminescent technologies stand out for their unique ability to bridge fundamental research and therapeutic solutions, providing highly sensitive assays and imaging techniques that enable non-invasive exploration of cancer cell dynamics. By allowing for precise, real-time measurements of cell viability, proliferation, and pharmacological responses, bioluminescence is transforming the way we screen for new cancer-fighting compounds, unravel drug resistance, and assess the effectiveness of innovative treatments.



During this event, leading experts will illuminate the scientific journey from bench to bedside, highlighting key advancements that are deepening our understanding of cancer biology and enabling novel strategies for detection, monitoring, and treatment, marking a significant leap forward in the fight against cancer.