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At NETRI, we design, fabricate and exploit 3D microfluidic chips to reproduce neural circuits


NETRI is a young company-private research institute that aims at understanding the structural and functional mechanistic of neural circuits, neurological disorders or potential novel treatments.

Using a multi compartment approach, we can reproduce in our devices simple (2 connected neural populations) or complex (up to 7 interconnected neural populations) neural circuits. The “organ on chip” approach allows us to provide physiologically relevant platforms. Our ex-vivo models are used with a wide range of cell lines including rodent or human primary cells and iPSCs.

We collaborate with pharmaceutical companies, CROs, academic researchers and medical doctors to accelerate the understanding of neural troubles mechanisms and the discoveries of new treatments.

Our multidisciplinary team is composed of scientists, engineers and technicians who design, fabricate 3D microfluidic chips, perform cell culture and functional recording of neural cultures. 


NETRI has access to 70m² microfabrication clean room lab coupled to two 15 m² L2 cell culture laboratories within the facilities of Lyon Biopole at the heart of the Biodistrict of Gerland in Lyon.