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MagIA Diagnostics


MagIA diagnostics develops a highly innovative and generic point of care technology allowing for rapid immunoanalysis onto a portable system. Based on a patented technology developed by CNRS and Grenoble INP, MagIA performs a no-wash immunoassay using nanoparticles attracted onto embedded micro-magnets. This no-wash immunoassay drastically simplifies ELISA usually performed on huge automats in HealthCare labs. Results have shown analytical performances 50 to 100 times more sensitive than the strip tests widely used on infectious disease screening market, 1st Market segment targeted by MagIA Diagnostics.

MagIA’s mission is to offer a turnkey solution to screen as many people as possible to link them to care. Whereas present campaigns usually focus on one single disease (e.g. HIV), MagIA widens screening campaigns offering a full syndromic panel of co-infection at high prevalence among high risk population.


After completing the development of its Hepatitis B panel to orient high risk populations toward treatment or vaccine, MagIA will combine the panel with HIV and HCV screening thereby covering the main blood borne viruses. The product range will deploy in Europe prior to emerging countries, which are usually endemic. To accelerate its development and spread its device, MagIA also aims to partner with diagnostic companies seeking for more sensitive Point of care platforms into which to embed their own assay.