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INOVOTION: New generation of in vivo efficacy and toxicity tests – accelerate your preclinical trials


INOVOTION offers a new generation of in vivo efficacy and toxicity tests, fast, sensitive, reliable and affordable, based on human cancer cell lines in chick egg embryo. They are intended for chemists and biologists in drug discovery and insert before mouse tests to eliminate more early the low value molecules. They improve the productivity of R&D process.



INOVOTION currently provides three types of in vivo tests:


  • Efficacy and toxicity in oncology
  • Target validation in oncology
  • Toxicity for drug candidates


These unique tests have multiple advantages:


  • Fast: only 1 month to obtain results
  • Sensitive: need minute amount of test compound (1000 times less)
  • Reliable: strong statistical results
  • Affordable: 5 to 10 times less expensive in comparison to equivalent in vivo model
  • Predictivity: equivalent to other preclinical models to predict efficacy and toxicity on human
  • In vivo without animal testing


> 5 years of research: a technology already rewarded


This technology is born at l'Institut Albert Bonniot (IAB - CRI INSERM/UJF U823). Five years of R&D on « In Ovo » project for the team of Prof. Jean Viallet allowed to develop this new approach, rewarded in 2014 by the prestigious label i-Lab (section CréaDev).


> Customers in Europe and worldwide


These tests have already been marketed, biotech pharma, institute and research center involved in oncology in Europe and worldwide. Several contacts formarketing are engaged with several universities and big-pharma in USA. INOVOTION participates to H2020 grants.


> Company development


INOVOTION extends its activities with important R&D investments and participates to consortiums in order to answer to grant obtaining in French and Europe.