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In a high throughput format, these models make it possible to generate larger, faster and more predictive datasets. However, these are disruptive technologies that still require widespread adoption by all stakeholders.


 However, these are disruptive technologies that still require widespread adoption by all stakeholders.


This is where NETRI steps in. We are introducing organs-on-chip kits, designed to enable the swift and seamless integration of organs-on-chips into the research processes of the healthcare industry. NETRI’s organs-on-chip devices are uniquely engineered to accommodate cells from a diverse array of species, including human, rodents, non-human primates, dogs, mini pigs, and more, whether they be primary or derived from iPSC. This exceptional compatibility across species empowers researchers to conduct cross-species investigations, therefore gaining translational confidence while executing in-vitro tests that offer predictive insights into clinical outcomes.


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