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Towards a radical paradigm shift to overcome presbyopia


Strategic application domain: MedTech

Application market: Ophthalmology

Type of activity: Medical device

Technologies: Ultrasound


Presbyopia is the loss of accommodation affecting any individual after the age of 45 and preventing close reading. Although its consequences have been known and corrected by converging glasses since antiquity, biological aging, which modifies the biomechanics of the lens and makes it lose its flexibility, has only recently been understood. 


To date, no one has developed a treatment that restores the natural biomechanical properties of the aging crystalline lens. The expertise in focused ultrasound applied to ophthalmology is a very strong point of our territory. Also, by bringing together 2 laboratories and 2 industrial partners with major scientific expertise in ophthalmology, ultrasound, cell biology, biochemistry, optics, biomechanics and engineering, we are equipped to meet this ambitious challenge through PRESB-INNOV-US: moving towards a radical paradigm shift to overcome (finally)presbyopia. 


Project call


ANR Générique





national project

On going

Duration: 36 months


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