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Strategic application domain: Biotech - Pharma

Application market: Infectious Diseases

Type of activity: CRO - Tools - R&D platform

Technologies: Analytical methods, diagnostic & Pronostic markers, Molecular Biology & Nucleic acid


InfectioTron proposes a unique line of equipment and complementary platforms allowing the multiscale and multimodal analysis of infectious events in living hosts with a special focus on high-level (BSL3) biosafety containment. 


One of the main InfectioTron goals is to significantly broaden the research fields by increasing the spectrum and interdisciplinary potential of biological questions addressed in infectiology, pathogen’s transmission and pathogenesis. For that, InfectioTron will rely on complementary platforms and competence allowing on determined pathosystems: the discovery and high-throughput diagnostic of pathogens, the rearing of new relevant animal models (e.g. bats, ticks), the analysis of pathogens’ transmission in instrumented semi-field conditions as well as in clinical situations, the control of hosts’ microbiota in gnotobiotic conditions, or the dissection of cellular and molecular host-symbiont-pathogen interactions using top-notch imagery technologies. The connection between these different complementary instruments will provide a tremendous added-value to the network proposed by InfectioTron. 


These investigations are expected to yield key answers to the mechanisms of transmission and pathogenesis and to provide important directions toward the development of prevention, control and therapeutic strategies. 


Project call


ANR Autre

AMI PIA3 Equipex+




national project

On going

Duration: 96 months


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