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(Innovative Monoclonal AntiBody/antiGEN


Strategic application domain: Biotech - Pharma

Type of activity: CRO - Tools - R&D platform

Technologies: Antibodies - Protein - Peptide, Design & Modelling studies


The IMABGEN (Innovative Monoclonal AntiBody/antiGEN) platform aims at producing such antibodies with unparalleled completeness and efficiency by developing two axes. 


The first will provide ‘native’ membrane antigens, which are both the most numerous and the most fragile targets, thanks to CALIXAR’s proprietary technologies and the expertise of two teams from the Molecular Microbiology and Structural Biochemistry Unit* (CNRS/Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1). Six antigens will thus be isolated, including receptors, transporters and synthases. 


The second axis, carried out by BIOTEM, will generate new synthetic libraries with very broad spectrum, associated with a novel method of antibody selection. 


Project call

RD Booster

RD Booster 2021




regional project

On going

Duration: 24 months


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