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Online Process Sensors and Innovative Bioproduction Solutions


Strategic application domain: Biotech - Pharma

Application market: Bioproduction

Type of activity: Therapeutics, Pharma or Biotech

Technologies: (Bio) Electronics, Photonics & Sensors, Vaccine


The objective of the CALIPSO project is to offer a new approach to manage bioproduction processes, by developing cutting-edge technologies along with IT solutions that enable their exploitation. 


The use of digital tools and solutions on bioproduction development lines will increase productivity whilst ensuring the production of very high-quality batches. The project will lay down the groundwork towards more flexible and automated production solutions, a key step to accompany the transformation and personalization of medical care. 


The CALIPSO project is articulated around three major ambitions: 

> The development and transfer of technologies to the pre-industrialization of a new generation of micro-sensors which will enable to solve problems for which there are currently no efficient solutions at the global level. 

> The implementation of a new approach to model bioproduction processes, by using pre-existing data alongside data generated by new sensors. 

Ultimately, the sector aims to conceive databases designed in a way that integrates and stocks all data. This data will enable the creation of identical digital representations (“digital twins”) and processes which will in turn facilitate prediction tools to optimize certain steps of the purification process. 

> In addition, real-time regulation systems could also be used throughout the various steps of cell cultivation. The simultaneous exploitation of all this data (thousands per batch), piloted by artificial intelligence, will accelerate molecule selection and their large-scale production in record time. 


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national project

On going

Duration: 60 months


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