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In-Person Event – Campus Sanofi – Paris Gentilly – 30 November 2023


This event will showcase real-world case studies that highlights the evidence and efficacy of digital measures across three captivating areas of interest:


 Session #1  

Digital Biomarkers applied in clinical development
Discover how digital biomarkers are revolutionizing the landscape of clinical development. Explore case studies, success stories, and real-world applications that demonstrate the power of these innovative measures in accelerating the discovery and development of new therapies. 


 Session #2  

From evidence generation to patient centricity
Delve into the vital intersection of evidence generation and patient centricity. Learn how digital biomarkers are paving the way for personalized medicine, empowering patients, and ultimately improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.


 Session #3  

Ensuring Regulatory acceptance and Market Access
Navigate the complex landscape of regulations and market access for digital biomarkers. Gain insights into regulatory frameworks, reimbursement challenges, and strategies for achieving market acceptance. Hear from experts who have successfully navigated these hurdles and learn best practices.


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