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Du 29 juin au 2 juillet 2022 – Université Catholique de Lyon (UCLY ) – Campus Saint-Paul

Programme : 

  • Analytical measurements in non-mammalian systems.
  • Bringing light to the dynamics of intracellular signals in neurons.
  • Central and peripheral control of feeding.
  • Developments and alternatives in microdialysis.
  • From the inside out – dopamine neuron function and dysfunction.
  • Functional and anatomical investigations of valence coding.
  • High temporal with high spatial resolution analysis: from synapse to vesicle.
  • Investigate astrocyte functions by monitoring dynamic change in glioactive molecules.
  • Microdialysis to assess brain damage.
  • Monitoring brain molecules by PET imaging.
  • New insights into brain purinergic signaling.
  • New technologies for monitoring neuromodulators in vivo.
  • Novel Frontiers in Neurochemical Analysis: Complementary tools providing fundamentally novel perspectives on the brain function.
  • Optical techniques to probe function deeper in the brain.
  • Real-time measurement of neurotransmitters and intracellular signaling in vivo with newly developed genetically-encoded sensors.
  • Seeing the light: fluorescence-based in vivo sensors of neuromodulator release.