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The 8th Bioproduction Congress 2023 (BIOPC2023) will be held on October 5-6th, 2023 in Lyon.


The Bioproduction Congress (BIOPC) is the annual event of the biopharmaceutical production sector where stakeholders from Europe gather together to showcase and exchange the latest innovations in bioprocessing. This dynamic event promotes exchanges on the future of biomanufacturing, addresses the current challenges and showcases the new breakthrough solutions.


This event will bring together experts from companies (big pharmas, SME and Startups) and laboratories developing therapeutic candidates as well as leading bioproduction professionals to accelerate therapeutics drugs such as mAbs, vaccines, cell therapy and novel products into commercial manufacturing. It will include scientific lectures with the latest innovations in the field, a Breakthrough Innovation Pitch session and a Posters session to present new projects and services that go beyond traditional approaches from both academia and industry. Moreover, the event will also include parallel workshops, an Exhibition Hall to showcase new technologies and a partnering platform to promote exchanges.


Location: Espace Tête d’Or

Venue: 103 Boulevard Stalingrad, 69100 Lyon Villeurbanne



Contact :

Ana Antunes – Head of International Affairs, Scientific Events & Communication

ana-sofia.antunes@mabdesign.fr I Tel. +33 (0)6 26 33 63 21 

Laure Delhon – Events Manager

Laure.delhon@mabdesign.fr l Tel. +33 (0)4 78 02 39 89