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Poxel is a dynamic biopharmaceutical company developing innovative drugs for metabolic diseases, currently focused on type 2 diabetes. Based in Lyon, France, Poxel was spun out in 2009 from Merck Serono, a global leader in the field of metabolic disorders at that time. Poxel's innovative pipeline of first-in-class products with disease-modifying mechanisms of action offers the potential for safer and more effective therapies for type 2 diabetes. Its lead compound, Imeglimin, has completed Phase 2 clinical development for type 2 diabetes in the EU and US, achieving proof-of-concept in two Phase 2a clinical trials and met primary and secondary endpoints in a Phase 2b dose-ranging trial.



Poxel announces positive top line results for Imeglimin Phase 2b study in Japan for the treatment of yype 2 diabetes


• Imeglimin Phase 2b trial in 299 Japanese patients achieved statistical significance for the primary and key secondary endpoints 


• Imeglimin Phase 3 program in Japan is anticipated to initiate in the fourth quarter of 2017

• The Japanese diabetes market is fast-growing and anticipated to reach approximately $6B by 2020


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