MATHYM est membre de Lyonbiopôle

General information

22, rue des Aulnes

69410 Champagne au Mont d'Or

Incorporated in: 2013/09/04

Number of employees: 10

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Main activity

We are a nanotechnology company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and commercialization of nanomaterials in the form of colloidal solutions. We specialize in the field of biomedical applications by developing innovative nanomaterials entering new medical devices formulation, such as dental or bone-substitute materials.


Private funding obtained: -0.6m€ in 2014 to launch the scale-up phase of our first collodial solutions -2.2m€ in2016 to implement the manufacturing line

Public funding obtained: -0.6m€ from loans and subsidies -2.2m€ from loans and subsidies

Products / Services / Technologies

Strategic area of application
Medical Technologies

Application market
Dentistry & Odontology - Orthopaedics & Traumatology

Medical device - Technology provider

Chemical synthesis services & medicinale chemistry - Disposable & Implants - Nanotechnology