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ScreenACT is a start-up founded in February 2021 in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region whose objective is to reduce inequalities of access to therapeutic innovations for cancer patients and to develop the attractiveness and profitability of centers in terms of clinical research.

We have specialized in the development of technological solutions based on artificial intelligence which have allowed us to completely restructure the Clinical Trial database and to be able to have a unique database allowing a complete state of the art on the research activity of a center or on a tumor specificity thanks in particular to algorithms which standardize the centers and the contacts.

We then worked on an original concept that aims to change the current recruitment paradigm in clinical trials. Instead of starting from the eligibility criteria of a clinical trial and then going to look for the patients who correspond to it, we reversed this process by starting from the characteristics of the patient and then identifying all the clinical trials that correspond to him. match.

We then developed ScreenAPP, the first web-application which makes it possible to match the histopathological characteristics of a patient with all the tests for which he is potentially eligible.


Application market: Oncology

Type of activity: E-Health

Technologies: AI, Screening methods or services

Created on jan. 27th, 2021 - 3 employees



Zone de la Varenne, rue Henri et Gilberte Goudier 63200 Riom



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