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+ Biomanufacturing service: Plasmid DNA, monoclonal antibodies (murine, rat, human, guinea pig ...), recombinant proteins (multi system offer: e.coli, CHO, HEK, yeasts, cell free systems) and antibodies (humanised and chimeric). Pilot and scale up capacities: up to several grams

R&D or High Quality Grades.

Since 2023, a new GMP grade pDNA production faciliy, to offer a complete pDNA offer, from discovery step to clinical and commercial phases.

+ Platform of recombinant antibody engineering: mAb generation, antibody sequencing, chimerization, humanization, reformatting, characterization, validation, …

+ Molecular biology expertise: vector design, DNA cloning, RNA (in vitro transcription) & DNA preparation

+ Analytical Services: ELISA, Western blotting, cytometry, PCR, qPCR, a range of QC

+ Ready-to-use FastELISA kits for the quantification of immunoglobulins (murine, human, rat), or contaminants (protein A, Ig bovines…) and for isotyping mouse Ig

+ Murine monoclonal antibodies D1-25 et 1112-1: pair of antibodies for ELISA detection of rabies virus glycoprotein G: monoclonal antibody 1112-1 (capture antibody), monoclonal antibody D1-25 (detection antibody, biotinylated). Catalog and Bulk format.

ISO 9001:2015 certification et Research Tax Credit

RD-Biotech is a mAbexperts company (www.mabexperts.com)


Strategic application domain: In Vitro diagnostic

Application market: Bioproduction, Immune, AutoIm & Inflam. diseases, Infectious Diseases

Type of activity: CMO - Production - Bioproduction, CRO - Tools - R&D platform, Therapeutics, Pharma or Biotech

Technologies: Antibodies - Protein - Peptide, Cell Therapy - Stem cells - Cell Biology - Biobanking, Molecular Biology & Nucleic acid

Created on july 9th, 2002 - 47 employees



Technopole TEMIS Santé
18 rue Françoise Dolto 25000 Besancon



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