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Promise Advanced Proteomics is a company based in Grenoble, FRANCE, created in 2010. It is a 100% subsidiary of the company Aguettant Biotech.

Promise offers expert products and services in quantitative proteomics. Promise uses innovative mass spectrometry-based technologies to address protein absolute quantification in biological samples.

Our products are especially suited for:

Biomarkers evaluation and validation: the labelled proteins allow to get highly reliable and reproducible quantification data while bringing ultimate quantification accuracy. They are ready-to-use, packaged to be highly stable.

Pharmacokinetics studies of biotherapeutics: Promise has an extensive experience in labelled proteins production & quantitative LC-MS assays development for projects aiming at performing PK studies using LC-MS assay. Over the past years, Promise was involved in collaborative R&D projects with industrial pharmaceutical partners having high-level expertise in monoclonal antibodies development.

Development of Certified Reference Materials

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring


Strategic application domain: Human Medicine

Application market: Neurology & Mental Health Disorders, Oncology

Type of activity: Diagnostics, Technology provider

Created on nov. 14th, 2000 - 12 employees



7, Parvis Louis Néel BHT-52A CS 20050 38040 Grenoble



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