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Material characterisation beyond lab facilities

Located in the scientific polygon of Grenoble, France, the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) is the world’s most intense X-ray source and a centre of excellence for fundamental and innovation-driven research in condensed and living matter science.

The X-ray facilities at the ESRF allow advanced analysis and characterisation of materials, going far beyond those possible using traditional laboratory techniques. Imagine that our X-ray facilities at the ESRF function like a “super-microscope”, providing insights to the micro and nano structure of materials, like protein and drug crystal structures at high resolution and high throughput.

We offers access to our state-of-the-art equipment and to our teams of scientific and technological experts for industrial R&D.

Our industrial services offer you a privileged and practical access both to our 43 X-ray beamlines and to our expertise, enabling us to help solve your process problems, reduce your product-to-market times and enhance your R&D programmes.

We apply the synchrotron X-rays to fields such as: materials science and nanotechnology, chemistry, engineering, environment and energy, consumer products, pharma, biotech and much more!



Unit code: ESRF



Marketing Assistant

Contact: Christian PAZOS - pazos@esrf.fr


71 avenue des Martyrs Grenoble 38043



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