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Elicityl designs, manufactures, and provide bioactive oligosaccharides, glycoconjugates & polysaccharides as well as related R&D services.

With a growing number of strategic partners in agriculture and pharmacy, we develop advanced applications in their respective fields.

Our expertise in glycobiotechnology relies on a strong internal know-how combined with state-of-the-art capabilities and equipment in glycochemistry, bioproduction, extraction from biomass, purification, and analysis.


Strategic application domain: Human Medicine

Application market: Infectious Diseases, Nutritional Prévention, Others

Type of activity: CMO - Production - Bioproduction, CRO - Tools - R&D platform, Therapeutics, Pharma or Biotech

Technologies: Analytical methods, diagnostic & Pronostic markers, Chemical synthesis services & medicinale chemistry, Others

Created on may 1st, 2002 - 12 employees



746 avenue Ambroise Croizat 38920 Crolles



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