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The Cancer Research Center of Lyon (CRCL) is led by A. Puisieux (the directing deputies being P. Mehlen and C. Dumontet) and is dedicated to basic research in oncology. The CRCL is affiliated with the Inserm, the CNRS, the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, the Centre Léon Bérard, and with the Hospices Civils de Lyon as a clinical partner. The aim of the CRCL is to extend its international recognition and the attractiveness of its research cluster, to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from fundamental cancer research to clinical applications, and to develop teaching and training in oncology. This Center, created in 2011, comprises 22 research teams for 450 members, including 140 permanent scientists, organized in 3 departments.



Unit code: UMR INSERM 1052 / CNRS 5286 / Centre Léon Bérard
Affiliation organization: CNRS, INSERM, UCBL (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)



Inflammasome and cancer

Inflammasomes, Cancer

Contact: Virginie Petrilli - virginie.petrilli@lyon.unicancer.fr

Transcriptome diversity in stem cells

Transcriptome, Stem cell

Contact: Mathieu Gabut - mathieu.gabut@inserm.fr

Epigenetics and epigenomics of hepatocellular carcinoma

Epigenetics, Epigenomics, HCC

Contact: Massimo Levrero - massimo.levrero@inserm.fr

BMP, tumoral niche and resistance

Bone Morphogenetic Protein, Stem Cell, Tumor Niche

Contact: Véronique Maguer-Satta - veronique.maguer-satta@lyon.unicancer.fr

TGF-beta and immune evasion

Immunity, TGF-beta

Contact: Julien Marie - julien.marie@inserm.fr

Cancer cell death

Apoptose, Mitochondries, caspases

Contact: Gabriel Ichim - gabriel.ichim@lyon.unicancer.fr

Cellular reprogramming and oncogenesis

Oncogenesis, Reprogramming

Contact: Fabrice Lavial - fabrice.lavial@lyon.unicancer.fr

EMT and cancer cell plasticity

EMT, Plasticity

Contact: Alain Puisieux - alain.puisieux@lyon.unicancer.fr

Anticancer antibodies

Antibodies, Cancer

Contact: Charles Dumontet - charles.dumontet@chu-lyon.fr

Dependence receptors, cancer and development

Dependence, Receptors

Contact: Patrick Mehlen - patrick.mehlen@lyon.unicancer.fr

Development, cancer and stem cells

Stem cells, Cancer, Colorectal

Contact: Michelina Plateroti - michelina.plateroti@univ-lyon1.fr

Nuclear domains and pathologies

Ribosomes, Cancer development

Contact: Jean-Jacques Diaz - jean-jacques.diaz@lyon.unicancer.fr

Pathogenesis of hepatitis B and C infections

Hepatitis, Virus, Liver cancer

Contact: Fabien Zoulim - fabien.zoulim@inserm.fr

Senescence escape mechanisms


Contact: David Bernard - david.bernard@lyon.unicancer.fr

Targeting of the tumor and its immune environment

Immunity, Tumor

Contact: Caux Christophe Blay Jean-Yves, - jean-yves.blay@lyon.unicancer.fr, christophe.caux@lyon.unicancer.fr

Steroid signaling and breast tumor

Breast cancer, Estrogen

Contact: Muriel Le Romancer - muriel.leromancer@lyon.unicancer.fr

Hepatocarcinogenesis and viral infection

Carcinoma, Virus

Contact: Merle Philippe Chemin Isabelle - isabelle.chemin@inserm.fr, philippe.merle@inserm.fr

TGFbeta and pancreatic cancer

TGFbeta, Pancreas

Contact: Laurent Bartholin - laurent.bartholin@lyon.unicancer.fr

Innate immune signaling and oncogenesis

Oncogenesis, Innate immunity

Contact: Toufic Renno - toufic.renno@lyon.unicancer.fr

Signaling, metabolism and tumor progression

EMT, TGFbeta, Metabolism

Contact: Gillet Germain Rimokh Ruth, - ruth.rimokh@lyon.unicancer.fr, germain.gillet@lyon.unicancer.fr

Clinical and experimental models of lymphomagenesis

Lymphomagenesis, Lymphomas

Contact: Genestier Laurent Salles Gilles, - gilles.salles@chu-lyon.fr, laurent.genestier@inserm.fr

Epigenetics and cancer


Contact: Peter Mulligan - peter.mulligan@lyon.unicancer.fr


Centre Léon Bérard Cheney D



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