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Leti is a technology research institute at CEA Tech. Leti-Health regroups 250 researchers, technicians, engineers and clinicians working in the Technology for Biology and Health Department and Clinatec, a novel pre-clinical and clinical platform developed with the University hospital.

Together with our industrial, clinical and academic partners, we address the following application domains: in vitro diagnostics and monitoring for health, environment, life science, manufacturing and CBRN, therapeutics, nanomedicine and implanted medical devices and imaging systems.

Our core research and development competencies are the development, design, integration and qualification of micro and nanotechnologies, detectors and actuators, imaging technologies, microfluidics, chemistry, biochemistry and electrochemistry, biology, instrumentation including mechanics, software, information processing and electronics. Our strategy is to serve the industry and answer to the health challenges, going toward miniaturization, multi-modality and connected devices, delivering prototypes “ready to transfer”, i.e. compliant with industrial standards and medical regulations.



Unit code: CEA-Leti
Affiliation organization: CEA



17 rue des martyrs 38054 Grenoble



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