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Carroucell is a biotech company who provides innovative solutions continuously into the bioproduction market more specifically the biomanufacturing field in creating the next generation of microcarrier technologies. Carroucell solutions solve enormous current challenges and issues regarding the performance of the biomanufacturing. Our ambition and mission are to impact positively the bioproduction performance through our disruptive microcarriers in addition to our agile approach to create a new future for all patients who can get a better access to the therapeutic innovations.

We give an easy access to our scientific team also to our differentiating and disruptive technological platform to generate tailor-made microcarriers utilizing

· Flat shape microcarriers giving 5 to 10 more surface culture

· Several homogeneous size of bioactive glass composition, robust, neutral and xenofree microcarriers

· Our flexible approach of the production process

The proof of concept of our disruptive technological platform has been done showing those following robust data: 80 % of cell adhesion after 10 min cell culture - 98% alive cells recovered - 100 % cell harvesting. We have got a significant increasing of the global performance of alive cell concentration meeting the quality and regulatory standards.

Carroucell is the strategic partner to get access to a large range of microcarriers to go faster to the industrialization step of the drug development project

We address various applications and new medicines using tailor-made microcarriers

· Cell Therapy and Gene Therapy

· Infectious and Therapeutic Vaccines

· Therapeutic antibodies and proteins.

Carroucell is the colleague to advise and work closely to solve the concerns about the cell production yield. Ambitious and visionary, we want to surprise by offering disruptive innovations continuously, the ones that nobody expect to get to solve the bioproduction low performance.


Strategic application domain: Human Medicine

Application market: Bioproduction, Oncology

Type of activity: Technology provider

Technologies: Biomaterials

Created on june 26th, 2016 - 5 employees



354 voie Magellan 73800 Sainte Hélène du Lac



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