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Aulucia's ambition is to use new technologies to improve the quality of life and the care pathway for patients, and to optimize and make the work of caregivers more efficient.

Its main activity is IT development (Virtual and Augmented Reality, web, applications) in close collaboration with hospitals, universities and research.

Several projects are in the process of ideation/design, development, or fundraising. The main project is the development of a pre-habilitation application intended to support patients before major surgery.

Pre-habilitation is an innovative tri-modal preparation of the patient before major surgery, being part of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocol.

This application should promote the democratization of this preparation, which allows the patient to reduce the risk of complications and postoperative hospitalization time.


Application market: Intensive care medicine, Public Health & Patient care

Type of activity: E-Health, Medical device, Technology provider

Technologies: AI, Computer Assisted Medical Intervention, ICT for Health - Digital

Created on april 8th, 2022 - 3 employees



4 rue de la République 69001 Lyon



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