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– Scientists developed an innovative technology platform harvesting of metastatic colorectal cancer from patients, to manufacture three-dimensional Bioprinted microtumours as cancer drug-candidate screening products.


– Three-dimensional microtumours were kept alive for the longest time ever recorded in vitro from primary tumours, allowing longitudinal studies, screening of oncolytic viruses and realistic modelization of colorectal cancer.


– The joint research study by CTIBIOTECH and MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF PLOVDIV, with the support of TRANSGENE was published in a Special Issue on Recent Advances in Basic and Clinical Colorectal Cancer Research of the international scientific journal “Cancers”.


Lyon, France and Plovdiv, Bulgaria, October 26th, 2023, CTIBIOTECH and MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF PLOVDIV worked together, with the support of TRANSGENE to create and validate a unique technology platform allowing bioprinting of the world’s first longterm colorectal cancer model for cancer drugs screening.


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