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Osivax Anounces Publication of Phase 2a Trial Results for Influenza vaccine Candidate OVX836 in Frontiers in Immunology. Data also discussed in context of OVX836 clinical development update presentation at 2022 World Vaccine Congress.


Lyon, France – April 21, 2022


Osivax, a biopharmaceutical company developing vaccines to protect against highly mutating infectious diseases, announced today that the Phase 2a results for its broad-spectrum influenza vaccine candidate, OVX836, have been published under the title “Randomized, Double-Blind, Reference-Controlled, Phase 2a Study Evaluating the Immunogenicity and Safety of OVX836, A Nucleoprotein-Based Influenza Vaccine” in the journal Frontiers in Immunology. Developed using Osivax’ proprietary self-assembling nanoparticle technology, OVX836 targets an internal nucleoprotein (NP), a highly conserved antigen that is less susceptible to the constant mutations of surface antigens of the influenza virus. The study demonstrated that OVX836 induced a significant increase of NP-specific cellular immune responses, including CD4+ and CD8+ T cells, and initial efficacy signals while being safe and well-tolerated in 300 adult subjects.



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