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Laclarée is a high-tech company proposing a unique and innovative solution to the millions of people whose sight are affected by presbyopia.


Pierre Prache, head of industrialization
“Driven by the need for the design, development and manufacturing of innovative solutions to old problems, I have had several opportunities to take part in the creation of embedded systems: academic research during my PhD, development and industrialization during my previous positions in the automotive industry.

I strongly believe in the relevance of Laclaree’s concept because it is inspired from the way our eye and especially our crystalline works. Therefore, it smoothly helps people suffering from presbyopia recover the ability to focus in a continuous manner, from their book to the distant sunset.
My job in this great endeavour is to transform our concept into a reliable product, which can be manufactured in a large scale, at lower cost so it can be found in most optician shops. Thus, you, who is reading this document and myself will be able to access this technology when presbyopia hits, because it is unavoidable!”


Raphaël Fontanes, head of marketing & business development
“After my engineering school, I quickly turned to positions in business development, marketing and strategy in industrial organizations. I recently decided to pursue an executive MBA to broaden my skills. Passionate about innovation and understanding of customer needs, I have been working in various tech sectors. I have always enjoyed working in collaboration with R&D teams and customers in order to find the meeting point between an innovative solution and its market.
Laclarée glasses respond to a problem of unresolved vision discomfort for a significant part of the population. I strongly believe in the added value of this innovation, which will enable presbyopes to retrieve a natural and comfortable vision thanks to an autofocus system integrated into the eyeglass lenses.

I am very happy to join the Laclarée adventure to help the team to get in contact with the first customers, to fine tune the offer and to prepare the commercial launch.”

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