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LYON, FRANCE October 11, 2023 – ErVaccine Technologies (now ErVimmune), a French biotechnology company developing therapeutic vaccines and cellular immunotherapies targeting unconventional tumor antigens, today announced a sponsored research agreement with Servier that will leverage ErVimmune’s expertise and proprietary platforms to discover biomarkers of response to therapies under development by Servier.



« We are delighted to have established a research collaboration with Servier who has a proven track record in oncology » said Stéphane Depil, MD, PhD, founder and Executive Chairman of ErVimmune. « Together we will evaluate the impact of modulating a new cancer target on the expression of specific endogenous retroviruses with the aim of discovering novel therapeutic approaches in the field of cancer immunotherapy. Servier, with their deep and integrated capabilities throughout the entire pharmaceutical R&D chain, is an ideal partner for ErVimmune in this development. »



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