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CTIBIOTECH was founded in 2009 by Professor Colin McGuckin and Dr Nico Forraz, pioneers in the fields of regenerative medicine and cancer and creators of the world’s first artificial liver-like tissue using a unique form of embryonic-like adult stem cells. The core expertise of CTIBIOTECH is in cell manipulation, drug testing, biobanking and preclinical trials development. Cells as diverse as blood, immune, liver, pancreas, bone, cartilage, neural and skin-related are made in our laboratories.
Diverse technology platforms

CTIBIOTECH is a fully licensed human tissue biobank and is developing proprietary in-house technologies using cancer and stem cells, but also has developmental partners in:
Medical device development using human cells
In vitro toxicology, drug testing and development
Cosmetics and skin-drug testing and creation of skin models
Provision of cell models for infectious diseases and cancer testing
International profile and partners

CTIBIOTECH has already contributed to FDA registered and CE marked products available now through our partners. International projects in Europe, Asia and the United States have a proven success record.




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