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NH TherAguix is a clinical-stage biotech company launched in 2015 after ten years of preclinical academic research and an estimated €10M of public funding. The Company develops a technology platform of theranostic nanomedicines that will improve cancer radiation therapy benefits (more than half of cancer patients undergo radiotherapy) without modifying current radiotherapy treatment workflows. Dr. Géraldine Le Duc, CEO and Dr. Olivier Tillement, CSO, are the co-discoverers of the radiosensitizing effects of the Company’s lead candidate drug, AGuIX, and pioneered its theranostic uses.

AGuIX is an ultrasmall (5nm) nanoparticle, composed of a polysiloxane matrix and cyclic chelates of gadolinium. It was designed for rapid renal clearance, thus avoiding toxicity usually linked to larger nanoparticles. Via a simple intravenous injection, or pulmonary delivery, AGuIX accumulates at the tumors sites and was shown pre-clinically to significantly (2x) improve the outcome of radiation therapy by way of its strong interaction with X-Rays. At the same time AGuiX enables the imaging of solid tumors, acting as a contrast agent with 2-3x higher relaxivity than commercially available ones. AGuiX is thus described as a theranostic drug that allows a better delineation of the tumors as seen by MRI prior to the radiotherapy sessions, and that aims to provide a clinical advantage by maximizing the effect of radiotherapy itself.

NH TherAguix owns an exclusive license from the public sector to four patents covering AGuIX and its associated technology platform. The Company is also the co-owner of two additional patents with Harvard University and Institut Gustave Roussy and is actively filing additional IP. A phase 1b study in brain metastases treated by Whole Brain Radiation Therapy (Nanorad) is about to end (12 patients treated out of 15) at Grenoble University Hospital (France) and a Phase 1b in advanced cervix cancer treated by Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy and Brachytherapy (Nanocol) is about to start at IGR (ANSM approved). So far Nanorad has evidenced the good tolerance of the candidate drug following intravenous injection, has shown the expected pharmacokinetic properties, good passive targeting of the tumor as observed by MRI and some hints of clinical benefit regarding metastases reduction in size after radiotherapy sessions.

NH TherAguix has since inception raised €1.8M from angel investors, plus €600k of non-dilutive funding. The company is now seeking €10M+ of Series A funding in order to pursue the clinical development of AGuIX through phase 2 studies, to conduct additional clinical and pre-clinical studies in Europe and in the USA (at Stanford and Harvard) and to allow further GMP production of AguiX.


Strategic application domain: Human Medicine

Application market: Oncology

Type of activity: Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Pharma or Biotech

Technologies: Drug delivery device & Technologies, Imaging, Nanotechnology

Created on march 13th, 2016 - 7 employees



146 Rue Louis Lumière 38920 Crolles



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