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As a key member of the bioinformatics team, you will contribute to the bioinformatics development at ErVaccine. You will be in charge of the in silico identification of original therapeutic targets in cancer that will be further validated by the preclinical team. You will also contribute to the development of new methods to analyze HERV expression and identify new targets and biomarkers. You will be expected to develop the infrastructure and the pipelines already proposed by the team. A strong implication in the overall project will be asked.


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Ervaccine Technologies


ErVaccine Technologies develops cancer vaccines and T cell-based immunotherapies targeting new tumor antigens to address a high medical need in cold tumors.

Our approach is based on innovative bioinformatics algorithms to identify potential epitopes that are validated by proteomics and immunology assays: from bioinformatics to proteomics.

The first candidates are represented by virus-like antigens derived from Human Endogenous Retroviruses (HERVs). We are dedicated to discovering more accurate tumor epitopes that are shared between patients.

Our initial target indication is triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), and we have already realized promising preclinical results that demonstrate the ability of HERV-specific T-cells to recognize and eliminate TNBC cells.


Domaine d'application

  • Biotech - Pharma


  • Bio informatique
  • Bio statististiques


  • CDI


  • 69 - Rhône


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