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2-year Post-doctoral/Research engineer position available


Gut microbiota has long been recognized as a major player of host immune regulation. Several studies already show that modulation of gut microbiota would be a promising approach to enhance vaccine efficacy, however the mechanisms still need to be defined. Gut microorganisms could act by stimulating innate sensors, modifying antigen-presenting cells, producing immunomodulatory metabolites or cross-reacting with vaccinal antigens (for review, Lynn et al, Nat Rev Immunol 2022; Ciabattini et al, Front Microbiol 2019). The objective of the project is to identify microbiota-targeting strategies that will be able to enhance vaccinal responses (immunogenicity, quality, durability, antigenic broadness). Pre-, pro- and postbiotic approaches will be considered and studied in mouse models.


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Since 2009 NeoBioSys has been working on the use of microorganisms in all sectors of activity. Our expertise is process acceleration, development and intensification of bioprocesses (notably bioreactor cultures and DSP). NeoBioSys brings its expertise to actors in extremely varied fields (vaccines, nutraceutic, agriculture, agri-food, environment, civil engineering ...). This diversity of business sectors allows us to respond appropriately and effectively to the industrial and R & D constraints of our customers. Beyond its activity of providing services in Research Development Industrialization, NeoBioSys can develop a dedicated production for its customers (complementary foods, starters of cultures, ferments ...). Research programs are also developed internally in order to offering new products that are always more innovative and in line with the industrial needs of tomorrow.


Domaine d'application

  • Biotech - Pharma


  • R&D & Etudes


  • CDD
  • Doctorat / Post-doctorat


  • De 2 à 5 ans

Niveau d'étude

  • BAC + 5 / Master
  • Supérieur à BAC + 5


  • 63 - Puy-de-dôme


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