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02/09/2012 –02/10/2012 – Phase 2.0 of the French competitiveness clusters : Lyonbiopole evaluated by the State

After two cycles of three years, each French cluster has been evaluated by the State in early 2012 to develop their strategic roadmap for 2012 and subsequent years, with a view to signing a new contract of objectives .  The Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry and DATAR (French Territory  Planning and attractiveness) entrusted to firms BearingPoint, Erdyn Technopolis-ITD the assessment of the 2nd phase of the competitiveness clusters policy from 2008 to 2012. Lyonbiopole was audited on 9 and 10 February. In parallel, members of the cluster received a questionnaire seeking their views on the cluster’s animation and governance, their expectations, activities and results of the cluster and ways of improvement desired. This assessment is the result of collective work, Lyonbiopole’s team wishes to thank the members of the Advisory Board, Technical Group, the €conomic Development Group, all members and partners for their availability and involvement.


Founded in 2009 in Lyon, Fab’entech is a biopharmaceutical company which develops and commercializes a range of innovative passive immunotherapeutic solutions based on specific polyclonal immunoglobulins [F(ab’)2]  in the field of emerging infectious diseases, as well as certain drug intoxications.  Thanks to its historical partners, namely Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines divisions Sanofi and the BSL4 Lab Inserm – Jean Mérieux, Fab’entech has the unique opportunity to capitalize on the well-established production process of specific polyclonal immunoglobulins [F(ab’)2]  developed by Sanofi Pasteur, and also could enjoy the indispensable collaboration of the BSL4 Lab Inserm – Jean Mérieux, against increasing risks of emerging diseases such as Avian flu H5N1, CCHF, Ebola, Nipah, Lassa, SARS, Chikungunya, etc. and to risks of bioterrorism. Located at the heart of LyonBiopôle, Fab’entech can thus benefit from the original environment of excellence of Lyonbiopole, the worldwide competitiveness cluster.

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03/16/012 - 1st edition of Sepsis Collaborative Day

Created by Lyonbiopole and Eurobiomed (two french clusters), this first Sepsis Collaborative Day is dedicated to set-up of R&D projects on sepsis. It will be held on March 16th 2012 at "Institut Français de l’Education (Lyon)". The aim of this event is to support interactions between actors of sepsis research from Rhone-Alpes region and Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur region.
Contact : Pauline Cottin, Coordinatrice programme Sepsis -

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03/20/2012 - Lyonbiopole, partner of the 1st monoclonal antibodies workshop on the occasion of the 7th scientific days of CLARA

CLARA will organize on March 20th to 21st, 2012 the 7th scientific days. Lyonbiopole is partner of the first day on March 20th on "Innovative Approaches in Anticancer Monoclonal Antibodies". This day will consist on presentations led by Janice Reichert, Christian Klein, Coiffier Bertrand and Alain Beck, roundtables and face-to-face.
Contact: Nicolas Groux, Project Manager Therapeutic Antibodies -

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05/25/2012 - Trade Mission on Personalized Medicine at the occasion of the Biomarker World Congress

At the occasion of Biomarker World Congress, that will take place in Philadelphia from May 21st to 23rd 2012, Lyonbiopole in collaboration with the 6 other French Bioclusters, will organize a trade mission dedicated to Personalized Medicine. This trade mission will gather french companies active in the field of Biomarker and Personalized Medicine and willing to build strategic and technological partnership with US companies. This operation, led by Atlanpole, is a result of a strong collaboration between the French BioClusters, the DGCIS (Ministry of Industry) and the UbiFrance 's teams from France and US.
Contact: Kevin Romani, International project manager -

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06/18/2012 – Lyonbiopole organises its 6th edition of the FTRD at the occasion of BIO  International Convention, Boston

For the sixth consecutive year, Lyonbiopole gives you an appointment for the "Fast-Track Partnering with France" upstream BIO International Convention on Monday, June 18th, 2012 at the W Hotel in Boston from 11:30 am for meetings with pharma and biotech companies.
Contact: Isabelle Scarabin, Director of Economic and International Affairs - isabelle.scarabin @

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BIO-Europe Spring® Conference,
March from 19th to 21st, 2012, Amsterdam -Netherland
AACR Annual Meeting,
From March, 31th to April 4th, 2012, Chicago – USA
Biomarker World Congress 2012,
May from 21st to 23th, 2012, Philadelphie PA – USA
BIO International Convention,
June from 18th to 21st, 2012, Boston MA – USA
Euromediag International Convention 2012,
July from 5th to 6th, Montpellier, France
September from 9th to 12th, 2012, San Francisco – USA
1st International Forum on Diagnostics IFDIAG,
September from 2nd to 9th, 2012 Les Pensières, Annecy, FRANCE
BioPartnering FutureEUROPE™,
October from 7th to 9th octobre 2012, Brussels - Belgium
November from 12th to 14th, 2012, Hamburg - Germany
02/27/2012 – « Sanofi –Pasteur Institute » award

Sanofi  and the Pasteur Institute create four prestigious awards to support innovative biomedical research and promote scientific excellence for human health.  Applicants may submit their applications until April 20th, 2012 ...

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02/20/2012 – Finovi Foundation launches two calls for proposals

Both calls concern the funding of collaborative research projects on free theme related to Infectious Disease (APO No. 8), deadline for applications April 6th, 2012 and creation of research teams (APO I No. 4), continuous open call during 2012 ...
Contact : Jocelyne Reynard, Assistant Finovi Foundation –
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02/29/2012 – IMI launches its 5th call

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) will shortly launch its 5th Call for proposals, giving
researchers from diverse sectors the opportunity to participate in ambitious public-private
partnerships that will pave the way for the development of the medicines of the future.
The 5th Call has 1 indicative topic the construction of a “European lead factory”…
Contact: Emilie Romeo, Project Manager –

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07/2012 - Preparation of the last FP7 Health Calls for proposals

The 7th European Framework Program of the European Union is starting its last year. The last FP7 Health program calls for proposals will open in July 2012. In order to support you in your project preparation, Lyonbiopole gets mobilized and keeps you informed on the modalities and topics of the last calls. An information day will be organized with the national contact points during the semester. The cluster is also involved in the preparation of the future EU innovation and research program “Horizon 2020”. Do not hesitate to contact us with suggestion. Contact: Emilie Romeo, Project Manager -

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02/28/2012 Lyonbiopole’s commitment to Europe to take up health and biotechs challenges

Lyonbiopole, world competitiveness cluster specialized in the fight against infectious diseases and cancers, goes to Europe by sitting in the CEBR (Council of European BioRegions) steering committee and by joining  the EDCA (European Diagnostic Cluster Alliance). Lyonbiopole is also starting an intercluster European project to support SMB’s internationalization: BioX4Clusters…

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02/16/2012 - Following the success of the 1st Workshop on "Cell Therapy", Lyonbiopole acCInov renew it

The first workshop on "Cell Therapy" organized by Lyonbiopole and acCInov on February 16th was attended by representatives of industrials and regional labs developing R&D activites in the very promising field of regenerative medicine. New products of Innovative Therapy are already in advanced clinical trials and others in research phase, placing the Rhone-Alpes in very good position to develop effective treatments in Cell Therapy. Next Workshop planned on April 26th , 2012 in Lyon ... Contact: Claudia Chagneau, Project Manager - claudia.chagneau @

02/28/2012 – ADOCIA reports positive phase IIa clinical results on its fast-acting human insulin, HinsBet®

ADOCIA, a biotechnology company specialized in the formulation of therapeutic proteins for treating diabetes and chronic wounds (diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers), announces today positive results from a Phase IIa clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of HinsBet®, its fast-acting human insulin, in type 1 diabetic patients. This program is supported by OSEO. ADOCIA, Lyonbiopole member is listed on Stock Exchange on February 20th

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02/02/2012 - Alizé Pharma announced the signing of a licensing agreement with EUSA Pharma for ASPAREC®, for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Alizé Pharma II, a drug development company focused on oncology and metabolism and part of the Alizé Pharma group, announced today the signing of a licensing agreement with EUSA Pharma for ASPAREC®, a new L-asparaginase product currently in Phase I clinical development for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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01/26/2012 - Alaxia and Stragen launch partnership to speed up development of new treatment for cystic fibrosis

The Swiss pharmaceutical group Stragen and the French Lyon-based start-up Alaxia today announced hat they have signed a partnership agreement to support the development of the drug candidate Meveol® until registration.

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01/25/2012 - Rhenovia Pharma opens first US office

Rhenovia Pharma SAS, a biotechnology company specializing in biosimulation applied to the discovery of new medications to treat brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, today announces its first international subsidiary, Rhenovia Inc., incorporated in Delaware. Rhenovia’s new operation will be based in the Greater Boston Area with offices in Cambridge,

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