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Announcing Agenda of RESI Partnering Week, June 7-9, 2022

A 50% reduction code, on standard registration fees, is available for Lyonbiopole early stage members (i.e. member companies having raised less than 2M€). For others if you wish to participate, contact Olivier Szymkowiak: olivier.szymkowiak@lyonbiopole.com

Digital RESI (RPW), is a powerful gathering focused on early-stage funding across all verticals of life science. Attendees can meet with 350+ investors and strategic partners from five continents over three days using RESI’s unique partnering platform, which identifies targets based on best fit for your technology and stage of development.

Votre contact à Lyonbiopôle

Olivier Szymkowiak

Directeur des programmes stratégie & Financement