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Workshops and topicaldays

These events bring together the Rhône-Alpes region's experts in the targeted fields and enable partnership research programmes to be set up.

With balanced numbers of manufacturers, SMEs, clinicians and academics, these groups work throughout the year on one of the cluster's priority research topics in order to encourage innovative R&D projects in that area.


Nearly 40 events have been organised by the cluster since this coordination focus was implemented in 2008. They have attracted more than 2500 participants in total and have helped unite all the local players involved in these various innovative fields.The workshops have enabled development networks to be set up as well as partnership research programmes in strategic fields.


Workshops held by Lyonbiopole

  • Hospital-acquired infection (in partnership with FINOVI)
  • Bioinformatics and digital tools for health products (in partnership with INRIA)
  • Cellular therapy
  • Implants and related infections (in partnership with I-Care)
  • Skin repair and healing
  • Microbiota study models and tools (in partnership with CENS)
  • Bioprocesses (in partnership with Axelera)
  • Tissue engineering
  • Healthy 3D printing
  • Intelligent DM for continuous patient monitoring (in partnership with Health2CARE)
  • Therapeutic Antibody Engineering (in partnership with MabDesign)
  • Organ and tissue transplantation (in partnership with the CENTAURE Foundation)
  • Digital technologies and personalized medicine (co-organized with Minalogic)
  • Digital patient
  • Health connected
  • Metagenomics - One Health
  • Health Nutrition Focus
  • New ways of administering immunotherapies (in partnership with MabDesign)
  • Space and Health (in partnership with CNES)
  • Pre-clinical development of immunotherapies (in partnership with MabDesign)
  • Nutrition Inflammation Immunity
  • Neurological and psychiatric diseases
  • Innovative methods of analysis in skin biology (in partnership with the CED)
  • Probiotics and Intestinal Microbiota
  • Skin ageing (in partnership with the CED)
  • AI and development of immunotherapies (in partnership with MabDesign)...