Lyonbiopole encourages R&D collaborations between private and public research centres in order to help companies tackle new markets and develop products and services that give them a competitive advantage.


Since its creation, Lyonbiopole's primary mission has been to energise public/private R&D collaborations. That is why the cluster organises a scientific coordination programme each year to initiate these collaborations and promote the emergence of topic-based development networks and collaborative pre-projects.


After the public/private collaborative project creation phase, Lyonbiopole advises project initiators and directs projects towards the best R&D support schemes. The cluster evaluates project accreditation applications, targeting specific calls for projects at a national level to boost their chances of success.


The cluster then supports projects throughto market launch by helping the project initiators communicate about the medical and technological innovations they have created, promote their new products and services and support the financial development of partner companies.